How Dimensional Stable Anode(DSA) Used in Tannery Waste Advanced Oxidation Processes(AOPs)?

Jul 21, 2022

How Dimensional Stable Anode(DSA) Used in Tannery Waste Advanced Oxidation Processes(AOPs)?

Discharged tannery waste contains high concentrations of pollutants, solid wastes, and toxic gases which affect the surrounding environment.  

Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are known for the decomposition of organic compounds by the free hydroxyl radicals, due to their high oxidation potential and mineralization of almost any organic molecule in wastewater, to produce CO2 and inorganic ions in the output product. Among the AOPs, electrochemical oxidation has been successfully investigated for the removal of toxic organic compounds under the activity of direct and indirect oxidants. In addition, pollutant treatment by electrochemical oxidation has achieved high efficiency when wastewater contains a high chloride concentration, by the generation of chlorine.

There are many electrodes that can be used as anode materials for electrochemical water treatment. Among these electrodes, Dimensional Stable Anode (DSA) and Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) have proven the most superior due to their excellent properties in wastewater treatment. Tannery wastewater with high levels of salinity and organic pollutants was treated by electrochemical methods in the laboratory using commercially available DSA Ti/RuO2, Ti/IrO2, and Ti/BDD electrodes.

The result showed that Ti/BDD electrodes demonstrated the best levels of COD, BOD5 and TOC removal efficiency and energy consumption while Ti/RuO2 is better at nitrogen removal. The main pollutant mechanism in tannery wastewater treatment at a Ti/BDD electrode is based on direct oxidation on the electrode surface combined with the generation of oxidants such as OH and Cl2, while the main oxidation mechanism at DSA Ti/RuO2 and Ti/IrO2 electrodes is by the generation of chlorine. Electrochemical oxidation using DSA Ti/RuO2, Ti/IrO2 and Ti/BDD electrodes can be used to treat tannery wastewater.