Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) Coated Titanium Anode for Horizontal Electroplating

Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) Coated Titanium Anode for Horizontal Electroplating

The use of insoluble anodes in horizontal acid copper electroplating equipment is becoming the industry standard. Insoluble anodes (in some specific cases termed dimensionally stable anodes - DSAs) are generally made by coating a titanium substrate with a conductive metal oxide.

An insoluble anode for horizontal acid copper electroplating should meet these standards: a low potential for oxygen evolution; stable under horizontal acid copper electroplating operating conditions (i.e. stable at all relevant pHs, temperatures, agitation, inorganic matrices, and organic additives); remain conductive at all relevant current densities(should not passivate at high anodic current densities); stable to the effects of the pulse; available for the desired anode shape.

UTron manufacture mixed metal oxide(MMO) coated titanium anode for horizontal electroplating, it allows solution directly through them for good throwing power and distribution at high current densities, and no blind spots occur on the board. This MMO coated titanium anode is lightweight and strong passivation tendency when exposed under anodic acid conditions preventing further deterioration of the anode.    
Anode material: Titanium;
Coating: Iridium oxide + X;
Electroyte: Acid sulphate;
Current density:500-1000A/m2
Temperature: 20-70℃;
Service life: 1-3 years.

No maintenance;
No anodic film is formed;
Good distribution at high current densities;
No blind spots;
Outstanding corrosion resistance;
Operate at high current density;

PCB copper plating;
Semiconductor plating;
PCB VCP DC copper plating;
Lead frame plating;
Vertical pulse plating.

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