Platinized Titanium Anode Mesh

Platinized Titanium Anode Mesh

Platinized titanium anode mesh consists of titanium mesh coated with platinum; this platinum coating resumes the function of the anode and enables the current to flow easily from the anode to the electrolyte. Hereby the platinum-plated titanium anode combines a large number of advantages. It is much cheaper, lighter, and stronger than the solid platinum anodes and operates without any sign of dissolution even in the case of porous platinum coatings.

UTron manufacture platinized titanium anode mesh with excellent throwing and can be used at high current densities in an electroplating bath. Its edges are evenly distributed across the anode surface, thus producing uniform current density and excellent plating results. The large area of platinized titanium mesh anodes improves throwing power and the mesh structure allows good solution movement and electrolyte exchange and plating with high current densities.
Substrate: Titanium in Grade 1 or 2;
The shape of the substrate: Expanded mesh;
Size: 20x5cm; 17.9x2.7cm or custom;
Platinum layer thickness: 2-20 microns;
Coating methods: Brush coating or electroplating;
Specific current density: max. 75 A / dm2;
PH: 0 – 11;
Bath temperature: max. 60 °C.

High dimensional stability and loading capacity;
Operate at high current density;
Perfect current and internal distribution;
Long lifetime;
Easy maintenance;
Excellent throwing power;
Good corrosion resistance;
Low weight.

Hard chrome plating (piston rings, printing cylinders, etc.);
Precious and non-precious metal electroplating;
Rhodium electroplating;
Palladium plating;
Horizontal plating;
Pulse plating;
Electronics and semiconductor industry;
Cathode protection.

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