Platinum Coated Titanium Electrode Plate for Water Ionizer

Platinum Coated Titanium Electrode Plate for Water Ionizer

The crucial component of a water ionizer is its plates or “electrodes”. Electrodes are immersed in the water and send positive DC voltage into one side of the ionizer to make acid water, and negative into the other side to make alkaline water. By good water ionizer electrode, it may increase the electrolysis efficiency and get very many antioxidants in your drinking water.

UTron offers platinum coated titanium electrodes for water ionizer for decades. These platinzied titanium electrode is reverse polarity and it is double automatic reverse cleaning, which decrease scales buildup and increase the longevity of water ionizer. The platinum is coated by plating process and then baked to ensure the coating is smoothly and evenly across the entire electrodes. Some other manufacturers use a dip and spray application, which leaves the surface rough to the touch. 
Product Parameter:
Base Material: Pure Titanium in Gr1;
Coating: Platinum;
Coating Area: Double Side and connection stem;
Platinum Coating Thickness: 2-5 micron;
Plate Type: Solid Plates, Slotted plates, hybrid Drilled Plates, mesh or customize;
Life spans: 15-20 years;
Warranty: 3 year;
Capacity of water ionizer: 2G or 3G.

Easy to use, self-cleaning;
Proprietary Electroplating Technique Optimizes Ionization;
No Leaching, Healthy.

Brown's Gas (HHO) generator;
Alkaline/acidic water ionizer;
Hydrogen-rich Water bottle;

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