Powered Titanium Water Heater Anode Rod

Powered Titanium Water Heater Anode Rod 

Powered anode rod is an impressed-current anode rod which is not consumed. A powered anode rod in water heater does not react with the water at all, but it prevents unpleasant rotten-eggs odor. It relies on electricity being fed into the anode to impose a flow of current rather than relying on natural electrolysis. While sacrificial anode is consumed more rapidly in softened water, it needs replacement after two or three year’s usage up to the water quality.

UTron manufactures powered anode rod  water heater adopting Gr1 or Gr2 titanium anode rod coated with ruthenium Iridium and other noble metal mixed oxide whose operating life can last 10 years without replacement. This non-consumable powered titanium anode rod provides a controlled release of electrons that negatively charge the water heater or water tank and its components, preventing corrosion (rusting) from occurring.
Rod diameter: 1, 1.5, 2, 3mm or customize;
Rod length: 100,120,150,200,220, 340mm or customize;
Threading: G 3/4", 3/4" or customize;
Coating: Ruthenium, Iridium +X
Coating area: customize;
Operating life: 10 years;
Size: 20-100 Gallon Tank.

Longer operating life (10 years or more);
Stop tank corrosion;
Permanently eliminates rotten egg smell in water; 
Easy installation;
No maintenance;

Water heater;
Water tank.


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