Ruthenium Iridium Titanium Plate for Salt Cell Replacement

Ruthenium Iridium Titanium Plate for Salt Cell Replacement

The Electrolytic Cell in a pool chlorinator is a place where chlorine is produced. It generally consists of a plastic casing containing electrodes. The electrode should be a highly corrosion resistant material since the existence of fluorine ion. The composition of this coating plays a major role in both the chlorine producing efficiency of the cell and its life expectancy.

UTron manufactures ruthenium iridium coated titanium plates for pool salt cell replacement which employs high-grade solid titanium plates. A solid plate is more conductive, it generates more chlorine at lower salt levels. It has about 3 times the operating life than mesh, and it is much easier to clean since the calcium just falls off. The coating is ruthenium oxide and iridium oxide, it is optimized for maximum chlorine production, with excellent coating strength and adherence to the substrate for longer service life.
Substrate Material: Gr1 Titanium, meet ASTM B265 standard;
Coating: Ruthenium iridium oxide;
Shape: Solid Plate;
Size: can be customized;
Salt concentration: sea water: 3.5%, salt water: 5-8%;
Current density: <2000A/m²;
Working temperature: 20-60°C;
Operating life: 10,000-15000 hours (depending on water quality).

Polarity Reversal;
Self-cleaning electrode;
Longer operating life;
Highly corrosion resistant;
Replaces old cell with no adjustments;
Tailor-made service is available.

Salt pool chlorinators;
SPA electrolyzers;
Hospital wastewater treatment;
Industrial cooling water circulation treatment;
Swimming pool disinfection.
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