ICCP MMO Tubular Anodes 25mm x 1000mm

ICCP MMO Tubular Anodes 25mm x 1000mm
MMO tubular anodes are extremely durable in the whole service life and it can be used in severe conditions in deep ground beds. UTron had offered ICCP MMO tubular anode 25mm x 1000mm to their Israel clients for deep ground bed cathodic protection projects. Below is some parameter for reference:

Material: Titanium ASTM B338 Grade 2;
External Coating: Mixed Metal Oxide;
Dimensions: 25mm x 1,000mm (1” x 39.4”);
Output Current: 50A;
Cable: With 30m of cable # 6 AWG with double cover to pull;
Service Life: 20 Years;
Application: Deep ground bed cathodic protection;
Export Country: Israel.

The MMO tubular anodes provided by UTron are produced accordance with NACE standard TM0108-2008. UTron is an ISO 90001 certified company; all their production is strictly comply with quality management. Their products have been proven of high quality by their clients who have cooperated more than 10 years.


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