Metal Materials

Cathode metal materials of Titanium cathode, nickel cathode, stainless steel cathode, etc., with shapes such as plate, mesh, tube, etc., which can be designed and customized for processing

Titanium Mesh

The processing methods of titanium mesh include stretching, weaving, stamping, laser cutting etc. to form diamond mesh, square mesh, circular mesh, etc.

Titanium Tube

Titanium tube and titanium alloy tube/pipes have excellent strength, hardness, low density, light weight, high specific strength,high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good machining performance, excell

Titanium Rod

  The grades of titanium rod are Gr1 and Gr2, and the specifications are available in stock or customized according to specific customer requirements.

Titanium plate/sheet

Characteristics of titanium plate(Gr1/Gr2): relatively small density (4.51kg/m3), high melting point (1660℃), strong corrosion resistance, high specific strength and good plasticity.

Titanium Cathode

Titanium Cathode materials of titanium cathode plate, titanium mesh, titanium basket, etc Titanium is mostly used as a cathode substrate during electrodeposition because the deposits easily peel off compared with n