Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer (CTE) for Electrochlorination

Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer (CTE) for Electrochlorination

Concentric Tubular Electrolyzers, also known as CTE Electrolyzers or Plate Electrolyzers. Series of concentric tubular cells connected in series, seawater flows through the annulus created by the concentric titanium tubes that make up the anode and cathode assembly. Passing electric current through the seawater converts the sodium chloride into sodium hypochlorite. This CTE system is proven a reliable solution for electro chlorination and antifouling.
The Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer developed by UTron is completely insulated for safety and healthy .It incorporates free removal of hydrogen and also prevents scaling. This self cleaning design ensures maintenance free operation without any acid cleaning and other external electrode cleaning methods, providing the lowest lifecycle cost of any system. Standard designs are available for a wide range of chloride ion concentrations, including brackish water applications.

Anode: DSA titanium coated with noble metal oxide;
Cathode: Special Hastelalloy;
Chassis: Titanium;
Spacer: PVDF;
Connection: In series;
Warranty: 5 years;
Chlorine Capacity: 0.1 to 89 kg.

CTE Electrolyzer Advantages:
Unique, compact modular construction for adaptable installations
Low maintenance
Full output availability—off-duty acid cell cleaning not required
No acid cleaning required at any time
Safety by design—no potential for production of hazardous chlorine gas
Refurbishing available

Electro chlorination systems;
Seawater electrochlorination;
Befouling control in cooling water.

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