Parallel Plate Titanium Electrolyzer for Seawater Cooling Systems

Parallel Plate Titanium Electrolyzer for Seawater Cooling Systems

Parallel Plate Electrolyzer, known as Plate Electrolyzer or PPE Electrolyzer, it is constructed of bipolar electrode stack. This Parallel Plate Electrode (PPE) system is the optimum solution for large capacity seawater cooling systems. Large capacity is provided by cell modules assembled together and coupled with bus bars to a power rectifier, forming a sodium hypochlorite generating train.

Utron offers a complete range of Parallel Plate Electrolyzers, which are applied in seawater cooling systems, power plants, and desalination plants, with capacities ranging from 40 to 500 kg/hr equivalent chlorine per generator.

The PPE cell is constructed from a tubular body housing parallel plates of titanium cathode and anode bipolar surfaces. The cell body is constructed from one spiral wound FRP tube with titanium end flanges to provide a high pressure cell design.
Electrode type: Bi-polar electrodes;
Anode: MMO coated titanium anodes;
Cathode: Titanium in Gr 1, meet ASTM265 standard;
Casing: Acrylic, PVC, FRP lined with PVC or customize;
Concentration: 500 ppm to 2500 ppm;   
Capacity: 2- 1,000 kg Cl2/hr.

PPE System Advantages:
Modular construction provides the capacity as required;
Pre-designed standard systems available;
High-pressure cell rating provides superior back pressure;
Cell flow characteristics minimize cell cleaning;
No hazardous bulk chemical storage;
No hazardous chlorine gas required;
Cell refurbishing available;
Environmentally safe;
Smaller plant food print;
Lower cost per kilogram;
Lower power consumption;
Few potential leak points.
Applications of Parallel Plate Titanium Electrolyzer:
Power plant;
Desalination plant;
Industrial seawater cooling plant.

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