Tubular Electrolyzer By Swirl Electrolysis Technology

Tubular electrolyzer by Swirl electrolysis technology
Cylindrical cells/Tubular electrolyzer by Swirl electrolysis technology adopts an anode mounted in the center of a cylindrical cathode, they are  featured for a high flow rate to enhance the rate of mass transfer, overcoming issues associated with depletion zones and enabling the production of high-purity metals even in the presence of impurities.
Traditional electro winning cells design with the planar electrode, current efficiencies plummet once the concentration of the electro won metal in solution decreases. Due to inadequate mixing, depletions forms around the cathode and at low concentrations, hydrogen evolution occurs and other unwanted materials are electrodeposited and the morphology of electrodeposited metal changes. This compromises both the efficiency and selectivity of the electro winning process.

Swirl electrolysis technology can overcome the above shortcomings. In a tubular electrolytic cell, there is a DSA anode rod inside, which rotates at high speed to drive the solution to rotate and improve electrolysis efficiency.

The core component of this technology is the tubular electrolyzer by swirl electrolysis:
1.Titanium Anode for Cylindrical/tubular electrolyzer:

Substrate: Titanium in Gr1/Gr2/stainless steel seamless pipe;
Coating: Iridium tantalum, ruthenium, PbO2;
Current Density: 200 to 2500 A/m 2;
Electrolyte solution: chlorides, sulphate, or mixed;
Dimension: Customized;
2.Cathode cylinder:
Substrate:Titanium/stainless steel welded pipes/seamless pipes
Regular size:76mm/90mm/100mm/219mm×600-1200mm or customized
3.End cap of Cylindrical/tubular electrolyzer

Lower cell voltage;
High corrosion resistance;
Light weight comparing with lead anode;
Less byproducts, more harvest efficiency.

Electro winning of copper, cobalt, nickel, chromium, zinc and other metals;
Metal recovery systems;
Electro winning Pilot Plant.

UTron designed a novel Nano-Oxide coated titanium anode, which is proven to increasing the current efficiency and the capacity of the existing electrolytic plants; This MMO coated titanium anode can reduce the oxygen evolution potential by 0.5 V compared to lead alloy anodes, improving morphology of the cathodic metal deposit. It is of high corrosion stability and high cathodic activity.


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