MMO/Ti Flexible anode

MMO/Ti Flexible anode(MMO Ti Linear Anode)

MMO linear anodes are a flexible, prepackaged porous, woven acid-resistant sleeve linear anode contains high conductivity calcined petroleum coke breeze. This sleeve is sewn using a poly two or four-thread double interlocking stitch, which prevents the seam from separating during installation, or when stored in high temperature conditions. This arrangement avoids handling loose coke breeze and simplifies field installation. It improved current distribution increases anode efficiency and helps prevent over-voltage problems such as hydrogen generation and associated rapid coating disbondment. In addition, interference from other structures and stray currents are virtually eliminated.

Parameters of MMO/Ti Flexible anode:
Item Parameters
U-15(MMO/Ti Wire Anode 1.5mm Dia) ELTA-30(MMO/Ti Wire Anode 3mm Dia)
Outer Dia. 38-40mm
MMO/Ti wire anode Dia. 1.5mm,3mm
Current output =52mA/m, customizable
Designed life =40Y, customizable
Cable 1×10mm2/ Halar, HMWPE/PVC or HMWPE are optional.  
Carbon breeze content =98.5%
Carbon breeze resistivity ~0.05O·cm,per G.L.C.-C-12A at 23ºC, 10 bar
MMO wire and cable contact resistance =0.0009O
Anode weight 1.3-1.5Kg/m 
Length per roll 500m;1000m
Bursting strength 575 N per ISO 3303
Abrasion resistance 219 cycles to failure per ASTM D-4157
Fluid resistance Pass, 6-month immersion test
Chlorine resistance Pass, 6-month immersion test
UV resistance 55% tear strength loss per ASTM G-53,
8 hrs @ 60ºC (140ºF), 4 hrs condensation @ 50ºC (122ºF)

Distribute current uniformly over whole length of pipeline;
No over- or under-protected areas;
Avoids interference and stray current problems;
Prevents accelerated coating disbondment;
Pre-packaging coke breeze; 
Ensure low resistance ground bed all the time;
Fast, easy, cost effective Installation;
Long continuous circuit lengths;
Lower maintenance costs.

Above Ground Storage Tanks bottoms; 
Tank Bottom;
Pipeline systems;  
Tank bottoms; 
Underground structure.
MMOTi Flexible anode
Working Environment:  
Evolution of O2, Cl2 or a combination of both.

UTron develops and manufactures MMO linear anode for cathodic protection by adopting Gr1 or Gr2 titanium wire (ASTM B348) in 1, 5 mm or 3mm diameter with MMO (IrO 2 /Ta 2 O 5) catalyst coating. This MMO linear anode is proved to be efficient in low-current, distributed cathodic protection systems.

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