Ruthenium coated Titanium electrode for salt chlorinator cell

Ruthenium Coated Titanium Electrode for salt chlorinator cell is the part that actually converts Salt solution to Chlorine, which consists of a plastic housing and the electrodes. 

Iridium Ruthenium Coated Titanium Electrode for Salt Pool Chlorinator Cell Parameter:

Substrate Material: Pure titanium in Gr1 or Gr2 

Coating Material: Iridium oxide + ruthenium oxide

Coating Thickness: 8~20μm

Coating Area: Double sides                                                                 

Shape: Solid plate

Number of plates: 7, 11, or customized;

Operating Life: 10000-18000 Hours

Current Density: <300A/m2

Salt Concentration: 0.3~0.5% 

Size: can be customized

Warranty: 5 years

Technology: Sand blasting, Acid washing and Brush Coating

Iridium Ruthenium Coated Titanium Electrode Features:

Self cleaning electrolytic cell, (Auto SC) units

Polarity Reversal electrode, low maintenance

Prevents algae from growing

Scale-resistant cathodes

Large surface area of cell plates for high rate chlorine production

Individually replaceable anode and cathode unit avoid replacement cost 

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Pool chlorination systems;

Swimming pool chlorine generator;

Swimming pool salt generator;

Saltwater chlorine generator;

Salt cell generator.

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