Titanium Plate Coated With MMO for Sewage Treatment

Titanium Plate Coated With MMO for Sewage Treatment
Electrochemical oxidation technology is an effective technique to treat high-concentration wastewater, which can directly oxidize refractory pollutants into simple inorganic compounds such as H2O and CO2.MMO coated titanium anode has the advantages of high oxygen evolution potential, low cost, and easy operation, but also has low stability and short life.It has been proven efficient for sewage treatment. UTron had provided titanium plate coated with MMO coating to generate chlorine for sewage treatment.Below is some parameter for reference:

Dimension: 500 x75x1mm;
Coating: ruthenium iridium oxide;
Coating area: both sides;
Current Density: 1500 A / m²;
Polarity Reverse: Yes;
Application: Electrochemical water treatment.

UTron is one of the leading titanium electrode manufacturers in China. They have complete production line, their products have been used in cathodic protection, water treatment, plating, electrowinning and other application.


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