Customers visited our factory to inspect the lead dioxide ti anode(Ti/PbO2 electrode) production line

May 22, 2023

   As our company continues to introduce new titanium anode products and technologies, the business is growing, especially in recent years, attracting more and more global customers to visit our factory and technical exchanges.

   At the beginning of May 2023, the customers from Brazil had a feil trip and technical communication with our company on the titanium plated lead dioxide anode(Ti/PbO2 electrode) for electrodeposition, investigated our titanium anode production line and the quality management system and other aspects.our company has revised the shape design of the lead dioxide electrode and improved the coating composition according to the actual project requirements and working conditions of  the solution system, so that the thickness of the lead dioxide electrode can reach more than 1mm (on each side).After testing, the PbO2 coating on the substrate is very substantial. Under the strict simulation environment test.the coating didn’t fall off.
titanium-plated lead dioxide electrode
Ti/PbO2 electrode production line

   The customer fully recognized the improvement of our titanium-plated lead dioxide electrode products, and said that this technical improvement will promote our closer cooperation.