Preparation method and characteristics of lead dioxide titanium anode

May 31, 2023

   Utron Technology has developed and manufactured lead dioxide titanium anode after years of research and technical accumulation. The titanium base is etched by acid, and then a gradient oxide substrate layer is plated by thermal decomposition method. After that, an alpha-PbO2 intermediate layer is electroplated with an alkaline solution, and then a fluorine-containing beta-PbO2 surface layer doped with an active metal and a highly adsorptive particle is electroplated with an acidic composite plating solution. After improved processing, the electrode is cleaned and dried to obtain a new type of titanium-based lead dioxide electrode. The lead dioxide titanium anode produced by this method has a low price and a long service life.

The newly built lead dioxide anode(Ti-PbO2 ) production line can meet the demand for large-scale production.