A new InsolubleTitanium Anode for Chromium Electroplating-Titanium with Iridium Oxide Coating Anode

Jul 18, 2023

Current hard chromium plating processes are predominantly based on chromic acid and sulfuric acid, the nature of chrome electroplating bath can impact the longevity of the anodes. In particular, free fluoride ions; it can attack the metals of the anode and cause corrosion.  
The new auxiliary anode for electroplating developed and produced by UTRON Technology uses corrosion-resistant titanium as the substrate coated with a mixed iridium oxide coating.
The anode will not deform, and has strong corrosion resistance,a long service life.The size and specifications can be processed arbitrarily. It is a Ideal type anode material for electroplating chromium, nickel and copper.

Shapes of the andoe is mesh grid, plate, rod,wire and tubular,aslo be customized according to the size of the cathode plating part.
Characteristics of the Titanium Anode for Chromium Electroplating:
1.Flexible and convenient processing methods

2.Easy installation and operation
3.It can make the cathode current density uniform and the surface quality of the plated parts uniform
4.Not pollute the electroplating solution, cost saving, green and environmentally friendly technology

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