Doctor Wu Delivered A Product Training on 8th January

Jan 09, 2018

UTron is a professional titanium electrode factory with expert engineers. Doctor Wu is one of the expert engineers, he was an authority in MMO coated titanium electrode, you may find his paper in many professional journals. He has rich solution experience for MMO anode in impressed current cathodic protection field, coated titanium electrodes in electroplating, electrowinning, and wastewater treatment fields.  

Doctor Wu delivered training on how dimensionally stable titanium anodes used in metal electrowinning for the sales team on 8th January. He explained the electro-winning principle, sulfate and chloride-based electrolytes, proper current density, MMO anode service life, and their effect factor. He analyzes a copper electrowinning project of Russian clients, exampled different MMO coating for different electrolytes. It is an efficient training to provide well after-sales service for all our clients.

 To provide better service and high-quality products, UTron people are on the way.