Linear Anodes in Concentric Rings for Tank Bottom Cathodic Protection

Apr 20, 2021

MMO Ti Linear Anodes in Concentric Rings for Tank Bottom Cathodic Protection

MMO Ti linear anodes in concentric rings have been used for tank bottom cathodic protection recently. This new design is easy positioning and high reliability comparing to MMO ribbon anode in grid configuration.

This linear anodes in concentric rings system has no field cutting or welding—the anode rings are supplied factory assembled, tested, and ready to be laid into position prior to backfilling. The anode is typically backfilled within a pre-packaged tube filled with a high-quality carbon backfill. This enhanced backfill protects the anode during installation, keeps the anode weighted and in place, improves performance, and reduces system resistance. It can also reduce depolarization caused by oxygen eneration, which can impact CP system performance. For tank replacements where there is very little space between the tank bottom and the anode, a sand backfill can replace the carbon backfill to help ensure that the anode does not short due to contact with the tank bottom.

The Linear anode should be buried in sand bed of tank base with depth of 5 centimeters and the concentric ring is recommended laying pattern with lead wire at the ends to anode junction box. When the linear anode is installed, the interval between rings is recommended to be 4-5 meters, and no on-site handling is needed.