MMO Anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Systems

Mar 31, 2021

MMO Anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Systems

Impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) are used to provide cathodic protection for pipelines, ship hulls, offshore production platforms, water, and wastewater treatment equipment, tank farm, and of course underground storage tanks. It requires an external DC power source that is energized by a standard AC current.   

ICCP Anodes Type are Consist of:

  1. Mixed Metal Oxide Anode:
Mixed metal oxide anodes consist of electrocatalytic-activated coatings on a titanium substrate that meets the ASTM standard. These anodes are characterized by the very little dissolution of the metal oxide and uniform wear rates. The low consumption rate of the electrocatalytic layer of these MMO anodes operated at the recommended low current densities of CP applications has been demonstrated by lifetimes of over 20 years for underground, seawater, and concrete installations. For soil, concrete, and freshwater applications where chloride ions are either not present or are present in low concentrations,

MMO coated titanium anodes exhibit excellent performance characteristics in most cathodic protection applications due to their ability to be operated at high current densities for initial structure polarization, resistance to low pH, and ability to operate in freshwater, soil, seawater and concrete electrolytes with or without backfill. Three typical applications are impressed current cathodic protection using tubular MMO electrodes in deep anode configurations for pipelines and well casings; MMO coated titanium ribbon for cathodic protection of above ground storage tank bottoms; and expanded titanium ribbon mesh for protecting reinforcing steel in concrete.
  1. High silicon Cast Iron:
The cast iron anode is probably the most used anode in flow injection systems in buried plants in the soil. The presence of high silicon and chromium in the alloy results in a sharp increase in the corrosion resistance and can guarantee the life span of the existing equipment for a long time to come.