Technical application of a pre-packaged canister deep well anode in impressed current cathodic protection

Aug 11, 2023

1Technology introduction of Pre packaged Cylindrical deep well mmo anode
  The  Cylindrical deep well mmo anode(Canister MMO rod anode) is coated with precious metal oxides on a titanium substrate, which solidifies at high temperatures. The cable connection and the insulation layer of the anode cable should be able to resist the erosion of chlorine gas. The commonly used anode cable insulation layer (PVDF/HMWPE) usually involves fixing several mixed metal oxide cylindrical anodes onto one anode cable.
pre-packaged canister deep well anode
2、 Deep well anode soil resistivity
Soil resistivity has a significant impact on the design of deep well anodes, as it determines the amount of anode used, the diameter and depth of the anode well, and the power of the power supply equipment. Generally, the anode position is selected at a location with low soil resistivity and uniform soil quality. There are two ways to obtain resistivity: on-site testing and estimation using existing cathodic protection systems.
3、 Use of backfill materials
  The purpose of using fillers is to reduce the anode grounding resistance, as the anode reaction is transferred to the filler, reducing anode consumption, reducing gas resistance, and maintaining the shape of the anode well. Therefore, it is important for fillers to have low electrical resistivity, small particle size, and high density. Backfill materials are divided into two categories, namely petroleum coke and metallurgical rubber carbon. It is recommended to use petroleum coke, which is made by high-temperature combustion and has good conductivity and uniformity. In the construction of deep well anodes, in order to arrange the anode string and fill the backfill material, it is necessary to calculate the resistivity and size of the anode string, as well as the selection and construction of the backfill material.
    UTRON Technology has collaborated with multiple clients to develop a pre-packaged canister deep well anode based on their actual construction situation. It consists of an oxide tubular anode string, a gas duct, coke filler, and steel casing. After installing the gas duct, backfill material is filled around the anode string to form a cylindrical anode. It saves construction trouble and reduces construction and maintenance costs for customers.