The Cable of MMO Anode in ICCP System

Apr 08, 2021

The Cable of MMO Anode in ICCP System

The cables of MMO anode in impressed current cathodic protection systems may be used in several aggressive environments such as deep well ground beds and seawater. It may also be exposed to fuels, oils, and chemicals in refinery or process plant installations.
All impressed current cathodic protection anodes should be provided with stranded (7 strands minimum), annealed copper lead wire. There are several cables that can be used for impressed current cathodic protection systems.

High Molecular Weight Low-Density Polyethylene (HMWPE) is the most popular anode lead wire insulation, however, both Kynar/HMWPE and Halar/HMWPE dual extrusion insulations are available for more demanding situations where chlorides, oil, or other harsh environments are involved.

Other cable insulations have been used including EPR/CSPE (ethylene propylene rubber/chloro-sulphonated polyethylene commonly called Hypalon) are available when suitable for the application.

It is important that the appropriate cable be engineered for the environment. Free chlorine gas is generated at the anode in a chloride environment which is very aggressive in attacking common plastic insulations.