UTron Celebrated The 10th Anniversary

Jan 23, 2016

UTron (previously named Elade) was founded on 8th September in Xi’an, China. It is one of the leading manufacturers of titanium electrode and titanium electrolyzer in China. It has expert technical engineer teams which enable the continuous research and development for new technology and products. They have one invention patent for the flexible anode and three utility model patents for mesh ribbon anode, discrete anode, and auxiliary anode for cathodic protection in reinforced-concrete construction.

They have a complete production line for MMO coated titanium electrodes, platinized titanium anodes, and titanium electrolytic cells. Its products have been widely used in cathodic protection, wastewater treatment, electroplating, electrowinning, and other fields. The products have been enjoyed a good reputation among clients world widely thanks to the high quality.

UTron people celebrated their tenth anniversary; some of them have worked for ten years, they recalled their happy old times, and the development of the company. Each department had an excellent performance show.
UTron has grown up to a big family today and they have still held the belief to provide high-quality products and excellent service to their clients as always.