UTron Held a Products Knowledge Contest on 4th Nov

Nov 05, 2018

As a pioneer coated titanium electrode manufactuer, UTron people are always commit to provide customer expert consultation. They always visit the workshop product site to understand the specific working condition of products. Searching the advaced techlogy information, listening to their customer’s requiest, they are trying to be a expert engineers to better serve the customer.  
UTron held a products knowledge contest on 4th November. Departments from Workshop, Sales, HR, Finance and Purchasing attended this contest.

The questions are very interesting, such as what is a coated titanium anode? What happens to the titanium anode in an electrochemical cell? What is mixed metal oxide coating? How many electrolytes in electrowinning fields? What is the difference between sacrificial anode and titanium anode?

Finally, sales department won the 1st class prize, workshop department won the 2nd class prize, but the entire department got a further understanding of MMO coated titanium anodes.