What is Electro galvanizing of Strip Steel?

Jul 22, 2021

What is Electro galvanizing of Strip Steel

The electrolyte now employed for electrogalvanizing of strip steel lines in use is composed of zinc sulfate, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, and sulfuric acid. The magnesium sulfate imparts luster to the plated surface, while the sodium sulfate acts as a conducting salt.

The solutions are nearly always of the acid type using zinc sulfate or zinc chloride plus other salts to improve conductivity. However, each uses its own particular type of solution, including cyanide electrolytes. The current is supplied by motor-generators or rectifiers.

The electrolytic lines have revolutionized the production of electrodeposited zinc coated steel. Not only sheets, but whole coils of strip steel are rapidly and accurately coated with zinc. Production has increased tremendously, and control of quality can now be held to more precise tolerances. An interesting feature of these new electrodeposition processes is the central precision control systems that provide for uniformity of quality never before possible in such large-scale operations. On one installation, an elaborate control board, two-way radio communication between various sections of the line, electric-eye inspection, and rapid delivery of test samples to the laboratory all help to keep the lines under constant control of skilled personnel.

Now, electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet is produced by the most modern and advanced electroplating methods. As a result, the remarkably uniform coating offers tangible advantages in fabrication to assure end products of long life.