What is On-site Production of Hypochlorite?

May 08, 2021

What is On-site Production of Hypochlorite?

The on-site hypochlorite production technology is that chlorine is produced within an electrolytic cell. The cell is not separate into 2 regions by a membrane, and is more simple to operate and maintain. The chlorine produced at the anode will remain in solution and mix with the sodium hydroxide produced at the cathode, giving sodium hypochlorite.

Although this is a less efficient system when compared to a membrane cell, it does not have the maintenance problems associated with the use of a membrane. There is no need to feed gas into the water to be treated but instead a solution, which is much simpler and more reliable. As the efficiency is less and the chlorine stays in solution, the type of cell materials can be less stringent,  there is a need to have special materials to prevent corrosion when subjected to the gas.

The on-site hypochlorite cells do not require any expensive chemicals, but utilize common table salt.