IrO2 coated titanium anode for Electrodeposited Copper Foil

IrO2 coated titanium anode for Electrodeposited Copper Foil

DSA anode is generally referred to as a dimensionally stable anode; it has been used in various electrochemical industries like electroplating, non-degradable wastewater treatment, seawater purification, cathodic protection, electrowinning, etc.

The electrodeposited copper foil process was the reduction of copper from electrolytes using a DSA anode and titanium plate cathode. A high current is applied in this process, copper is deposited at a high rate on the cathode, and the oxygen evolution reaction increased in the anode. Increasing oxygen reaction facilitated degradation on the surface of the anode, a corresponding increase in applied voltage and power consumption.

Therefore, the long-term stability of the DSA anode is the most important property for the electrodeposition of copper thin film. DSA anode is fabricated of two or three components of metal oxide such as iridium, ruthenium, tantalum, and platinum because of their electrochemical performance and stability.
Parameter of IrO2 coated titanium anode:
Anode material: Titanium in Gr1 or Gr2;
Coating: Iridium oxide, iridium tantalum mixed oxide;
Operating life: 1-5 years;

Stable electrode distance;
Low overpotential;
Energy saving;
Tailor made service available.

Copper Foil
Printed circuit board plating;
Copper electroplating;
Precious metal plating;
Metal electrowinning;


UTron manufactures high-quality IrO2 coated titanium anode for electrodeposited copper foil by thermal decomposition at a high temperature which has a mud crack structure. The titanium surface was etched by an acid solution leading to the removal of the oxide layer and surface roughening, and an increase in interfacial bonding between the coating layer and substrate due to an increase in the surface contact area. Meanwhile, UTron adopts three elements of the coating composition to enable the stability and efficiency of the electrodeposition. This DSA anode for electrodeposited copper foil is of low overpotential, stable electrode distance, and higher energy conversion efficiency, it reduces the cell voltage, but also avoids the electrolytic oxidation decomposition of amines and other organic substances in the copper foil manufacturing solution, thus extending the life of the electrolyte and improving the productivity.

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