MMO Tubular taitanium Anode

MMO Tubular Titanium Anode

MMO Tubular titanium Anode provides longest life and greatest current output in all ICCP anodes for the sake of its largest surface area and the compact cable connection. It has been proven to operate effectively in all types of environments, including areas with extremely low pH levels (under 1), and high chloride concentrations. It can be used in strings on offshore platforms or in deep ground beds and other application.  

UTron has dedicated to MMO tubular anode manufacturing for decades. The MMO tubular anode for cathodic protection of UTron meets ASTM B338 standards in Grade 1 or Grade 2, coated with Iridium - Tantalum - Titanium (IrO2/Ta2O5) coating, widely used in cathodic protection fields. The anodes have been proven to have an extremely low consumption rate and the titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode.  

UTron has strict quality control procedures throughout the whole production process. Each batch is subjected to thorough testing. The anode performance is confirmed by the acceleration acid testing using NACE Standard TM0108. It enables the most cost-effective anode in the industry.
Environment Anodes Diameter(mm) Anode Length(mm) Current Output (amps) Life (Years)
Petroleum Coke, Soil, Freshwater 19 1200 7 20
25 500 4 20
25 1000 8 20
25 1200 9.6 20
25 1500 12 20
32 1200 12 20
Seawater 19 1200 45 20
25 500 25 20
25 1000 50 20
25 1200 60 20
25 1500 75 20
32 1200 75 20

Anode life can be extended up to longer operating life by increasing the thickness of the MMO coating.

Current output in different working environment:
Environment (anode maximum operating current density)
Current output/m
1.5 mm dia wire 3.0 mm dia wire
In carbonaceous backfill (current density of 50 A/m 2 )
0.25 A/m
0.5 A/m
In petroleum coke backfill (current density of 100 A/m 2 )
0.5 A/m
1.0 A/m
In fresh water (current density of 100 A/m 2 )
0.5 A/m
1.0 A/m
In seawater (current density of 600 A/m 2 )
3.0 A/m
6.0 A/m


Our service:
UTron can customize size, life time and current rating of tubular anode to your specific needs.

Cable Connection:
The anodes are resin filled and helium tested for an effective seal of the connection. The cable end of the anode is protected with a teflon sleeve. Tubular anodes are centre connected and tested for resistance. A variety of cable types and sizes are available. Several anodes may be fitted to a single cable to form a string of anodes for use in deepwell groundbeds.

Cable options:
Cable Type Environment Note
XLPE/PVC Soil, mud Flexible, easy to handle  
HMWPE Soil, mud Not Flexible
PVDF/HMWPE Chlorides contained aggressive environment Excellent Insulation, provide longer cable life

Anode lead cable to anode connector is center connected to ensure low connection resistance
(<0.001 ohm). All anode connections are resin sealed and resistance checked.

Features of the MMO Tubular taitanium Anode:
Special crimped moisture seal to prevent damage to electrical connection;
High current capacity per anode;
Durable - no breakage or damage while installation;
Lightweight – typical tube weighs less than 1 pound;
Easy to install, the installed ground bed costs less than with silicon iron and graphite.

Working Environment: including soil, carbonaceous backfill, fresh water, brackish water, and seawater.


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