Iridium Coated Titanium Anode for barrel plating Use

Iridium Coated Titanium Anode for barrel plating Use

Barrel plating offers a cost-effective means of plating a high volume of small, durable parts such as stampings and fasteners. It also works well for plating parts of various shapes and sizes. MMO coated titanium anodes have been proven of no additional toxic or hazardous substances being introduced into the electroplating line and inter-electrode gap constant character. UTron had provided iridium coated titanium anode for barrel plating use to their clients who are from the Philippines. Below are some parameters for reference:

Anode Substrate: Titanium;
Anode Coating: Iridium;
Dimension: 91/2 inch wide x 23inches long;
Service Life: 3 Years;
Application: Barrel Plating;
Export Country: Barrel Plating.

UTron can offer MMO coated titanium anodes and platinized titanium anode for electroplating application. With expert engineers and rich solution experience, UTron can custom the MMO coating, anode service life etc. to meet clients’ specific working condition. Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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