Platinised Titanium Anode Mesh for Gold Plating

Platinised Titanium Anode Mesh for Gold Plating

Platinised titanium anodes can increase the bath life in plating field; it almost remains constant throughout the plating process. Comparing with traditional lead anode, it eliminates the secondary grinding processes, very low maintenance and results in consistent optimized plating results.  UTron had provided platinised titanium anode mesh for gold plating to their India Clients for replacing the old lead alloy anode. Below is some parameter for reference:
Anode Material: Titanium;
Anode Coating: Platinum;
Shape: Mesh;
Coating Thickness: 2.5µm;
Dimension: Details as per the drawing;
Application: Gold plating;
Export Country: India.

UTron is a certified MMO coated titanium anode factory in China, it was fond in 2006. With expert engineers and skillful workers, their products have been exported to 62 countries in the world. For plating anode, they can produce platinized titanium anode and iridium coated titanium anode or custom as per clients’ specific working condition. Welcome to contact us.

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