Titanium Anodes with Platinized Coating for Electrolytic Chrome Tanks

Titanium Anodes with Platinized Coating for Electrolytic Chrome Tanks

Lead anodes have been used in hard chrome plating tank for decades because of their low price. However, it is expensive to treat the Lead chromate sludge which was built up on the floor of the tank. The downtime of lead anode affects the production efficiency. While platinised titanium anodes have no chemical cleaning or brushing of passivated areas, it increase the bath life as there is no formation of lead sludge. UTron had offered titanium anodes with platinized coating for electrolytic chrome tanks to their Turkey customer. Below is some parameter for reference:

Anode Material: Titanium;
Coating: Platinum;
Coating Thickness: 2.5 Micron;
Shape: Mesh;
Specification: As attached drawing;
Application: Electrolytic chrome tanks;
Export Country: Turkey.

UTron had produced platinized titanium anodes for chrome plating over decades; they can offer platinum coated titanium anode and MMO coated titanium anodes for plating. With 30 years technical background, they can custom the MMO coating, anode service life and dimension. Welcome to contact us for details.

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